Fenty Skin-Review

Fenty Skin-Review

I wouldn’t call myself a skin care guru or a Skin care enthusiast, but I do love a simple skin care routine that I can execute quickly in the day and at night. I believe that Fenty Skin has helped in achieving just that and more with these products. Now, I love me some Rih Rih and she has been on her grind these past couple years, which is also inspiring to me because I like to dip and dap into a lot of things as well, a multi-hyphenate. So ya’ll know I had to support her.

I have been using Fenty Skin products for about a month now, consistently, day and night. There are 3 products, a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer. These are the only steps my mom told me I needed growing up; in order to have healthy looking skin.

Fenty skin offers the ‘FENTY SKIN START’RS ‘. Their purpose is to give you a simplified cleansing routine or as Rhianna would put it “YOUR BEST SKIN IN 3 SIMPLE STEPS.” These products brighten skin, reduce the look of pores and target dark spots. They are clean, vegan, cruelty-free and earth conscious. Additionally, these products are packaged to perfection with twist caps for opening and closing in product when your finished using. It is recommended to use products both day and night even if your skin wasn’t exposed to outside pollution and debris.


Packaged in a twist cap bottle for easy distribution. it’s meant to clean your face without drying or stripping. I’ve used the cleanser for both a regular cleansing of my bare face as well as to remove make up. I must say it definitely does the job leaving your face feeling clean and moisturized. I’m very conscious of cleaning my face more than once when I have to remove make up, but lately i’ve only used the Fenty cleanser as a remover and have put my make up wipes to the side. I only wash my face with the cleanser once when removing make-up. At first, I was skeptical because the products have a slight scent and I am not a fan of scented products, but after using the cleanser for the first time, I realized the scent wasn’t overbearing. I didn’t feel as though I was cleaning my face with perfume (lol).


Also a twist cap bottle and a 2-in-1, It’s a toner (alcohol free) and serum. Some reviews i’ve come across have had a problem with 2 in 1s. Personally, I don’t have an issue with a product doing more than one job in one step, “Killing two birds with one stone”. The fat water targets pores, improves the looks of dark spots, brightens skin, and smooths it all without stripping. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed after applying it. Toning my face is my favorite part of my skin routine and I also love a serum that leaves my face looking bright and feeling smooth. I do believe this 2- in-1 is doing justice to executing all of the above.


A twist bottle as well, and what I love the most is that it allows you to purchase refills instead of throwing the bottle away. A refillable product, GREAT! Another thing I love, is that it contains SPF 30! I recently purchased sunscreen separate from my skin care products, but the fact that I can feel secure knowing that my moisturizer also contains SPF, is a plus! This moisturizer is light weight and invisible when applying; it doesn’t leave white residue like some sunscreens do. It also brightens skin while reducing the look of pores. BONUS… this moisturizer leaves you with a nice glow!

My overall review of the Fenty Skin products is… I LOVE THEM.

Before I close out this blog post, please REMEMBER that everyone has different skin types and concerns. So what may work for me may not work for someone else. I have normal skin and had my skin tested by professional at Kiehls in NYC. I get occasional pimples but i’ve never suffered from acne in my life. A simple skin care routine is perfect for my skin type.

Until Next Time,

Peace. Love. Style.


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