I’m Thirty Flyve Y’all!

I’m Thirty Flyve Y’all!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Last week Sunday was ya girl’s earthstrong (birthday)! I turned Thirty five or as I like to say, Thirty Fly-ve! Why you ask? because ya girl stay fly and alive energetically. For real though, I’ve been 35 for one whole week and although there isn’t much of a change in my appearance, on the inside… Baaaaaaaabbbbbyyyyy, I feel free!

Leading up to my birthday I always get super reflective and I begin thinking of past decisions i’ve made, relationships i’ve ended and moved past, who I am as an individual, how great or not so great of a job i’m doing as a mom (this literally haunts me) and so on . My friend Amanda can always tell when I get into these reflective moments because many times I go into hermit mode and don’t want to be bothered; This year was no different. It isn’t because i’m sad, It’s just a time of deep reflection for me and I find peace in being in my own space.

Prior to turning 35, I’ve been on a spiritual journey. I’ve always told myself that life will continue to be great as long as you do things you love and share things out of love and give love. I believe that we should all be on this planet experiencing life through feeling. As BIG SEAN once said “Life is a feeling experience” and I agree with that statement in totality. We should experience life through feelings of love, and vibrate on high levels of love.

On this journey I have totally redefined SELF-LOVE! Self love and care goes beyond the commercial “self care sunday” rituals we commit to, It’s inner work and healing so that you can shine a brighter light in the world and inspire many others to do the same by walking in your truth. It’s taking accountability for your actions, good and bad, accepting your flaws and growing through them. It’s about becoming a better version of yourself each day. Self love is saying “NO” to things and people that do not serve you or your life in any positive way. Self Love is putting your needs before anyone else’s, even your children because if you don’t take care of yourself and do things that make you happy, how can you take care of someone else? Love someone else? Exude happiness in someone else’s life?

With that being said, Is sis single?, Is she taken?, minding her business? lol. The grand questions I get all the time, in my dm’s, throughout my social media platforms (hope that doesn’t sound vain). However, truthfully speaking, I am 35 and still single; Single and happy. I take pride in being able to stand in my single-ness and I take pride in my ability to love on myself, by myself. Reflecting on my past relationships… I am thankful for each one, because I was able to recognize another part of myself through those relationships. Through reflection and forgiveness, I realized that have no regrets. No regrets from my past relationships and/or friendships because i’ve learned something from them all. I’m learning myself more, loving myself more and embracing myself more so that I can be ready not only to give love, but to receive it. I’m talking about mature and unconditional L – O – V – E! I’m also not the type to hop from one relationship to another. I’ve always taken time for myself by default, to reflect, learn and heal.

I’m not going to make this post extra long, but with all that I’ve stated above; really doing that inner work and inner healing and putting myself before anyone, any job, protecting my space, energy and making sure that I am aware of how I contribute to the world are all apart of this grand journey i’ve been on and continue to grow on. This is why I feel free. I’m a deep being and I own my depth.

So I ask you, who’s rules are you living by? Are you living or existing? Are you living life for yourself or are you living life for others? Then i’ll leave you with this… EVERY SINGLE good and bad experience in your life, take it, embrace it, feel it, let it go if necessary to move forward, hold on to those positive feelings and manifest the life you want. Create your own definition of success, accomplish your own goals on your own time. This is your life, so don’t just exist in it, LIVE!

I’m Thirty Fly-ve, happy, alive and excited to see how much my life will change this year!

Photo Credit: Truth and Love Photography

Hope you were moved and inspired by this post!

until next time,

Peace. Love. Style.


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