Just FAB…
While you may think I’m speaking about how fabulous I am (wink, wink) lol, I am actually speaking about the red shoes I paired with my outfit on Sunday.

Yes, they are from JUSTFAB Hunny! *Insert shocked face here* It was my very first purchase and you won’t believe how much I paid for them! If I tell you, you’d probably die from disbelief… Or maybe not *shrugs* lol. However, for the price I paid, it was a decent quality shoe.

Personally, I do not shop at JustFab. These shoes were purchased for a specific event and I was shocked when I received them. I honestly was expecting thee worst. Not throwing shade at anyone who shops with JustFab. I’m just saying, It wouldn’t be the first place I’d shop for shoes.


I had an early day out on Sunday. I went to see the movie, Batman VS. Superman (Awesome Sauce 🙌🏽) and out to grab a bite to eat! Eventhough I absolutely Love dressing up, my mood on Sunday was very mellow and I usually dress according to my mood… Strange? Or nah? Lol.

For some, it may be, but for myself…if I’m in a chilled out mood I’d throw on more of a relaxed fit. Possibly a pair of sneakers, preferably Jays (Jordan’s), a pair of Nike airmax or Reebok’s to go with a cute sweatsuit.

This Sunday my mood swayed between fitted/tight and relaxed/loose fit.

I purchased this coat at a discounted price from forever21 a couple months back. Although this coat does not have pockets, which I cannot stand, I still love the plaid print and color.

I am also happy to announce the purchase of my first Apple Watch (Yippie! #AppleLover) I love ALL products Apple.

I accessorized this fit with my lace cuffs I purchased from
lacebyTanaya; also featured in my last blog post called “I’m Laced” (Check it out)!

More photos and thread details below! Enjoy 🙂

Let’s not forget my “2 chainnnnss” that I love so much from ShopChancexlii (they provide GREAT Customer Service by the way)
My name in Arabic, size 16″ and my brand name on a bar plate in 18″


Thread Deets: 

V-neck T-Shirt: Victoria’s Secret (pink line)

Coat: Forever 21

Distressed Jeans: American Eagle

shoes: JustFab

Bag: H&M






Until Next Time,

Peace, Love, & Style






  1. Shida
    April 13, 2016 / 8:30 am

    Love it!

    • IAmMyOwnStyle
      April 14, 2016 / 9:06 pm

      Thank You Rashida boo.

  2. Juanita Tucker-Tolbert
    April 26, 2016 / 4:11 pm

    Love the look

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