Let me Highlight your life!

Let me Highlight your life!

Hey there IAMOSquad!

I’ve been neglecting my blog and I feel like shit because of it! Not intentionally though! As many of you who follow me on Instagram know, I have been putting lots of effort into my styling videos on IGTV! I love making stying videos on and when I realized many of my followers loved this neon look… I decided to blog about it! 

Lets get into the deets…

This coat was purchased on a whim on the Zara website. Once I saw this coat I was like “I NEED MORE NEON!” Lol and I went crazy and purchased many other pieces in this neon color. Neon colors remind me of those highlighters that you can get from those Pharmacy stores like Rite Aid or CVS and I love it!

Although I love this coat, in all honesty, I don’t believe it is worth the $200 price! Yes $200! Smh #DontjudgeMe and I know for a fact its going to go on sale too! But in this case, for the love of fashion… YOLO 😝 lol.

The purse is also from Zara.

The snake skin print gives my fit a bit of an edgy look! I also love this purse because it can be worn multiple ways and it has a detachable piece so that you can rock it as a clutch! There’s a variety of ways to rock it (maybe I’ll do a quick IGTV Video on it). You can rock this bag as a fanny back, clutch, crossbody bag, and a belted bag so this purchase was definitely worth the $29.90 price, but in all honesty… it’ll probably hit the sale tab soon as well.

I paired the coat and bag with an all black everything look to give my fit the ultimate POP! So, in this case my statement pieces were both the coat and bag; they stood out the most.

I don’t know about you but I’m super into this neon trend and I realized that I have some old neon pieces from years ago that I plan to style in one of my videos! So be on the look out for that!

Here’s easy access to my instagram http://www.instagram.com/iammyownstyle_

More details and pictures on my FiT below! 

  • Boots are from h&m
  • Jeans are from hudson jeans, but I snagged them from Nordstrom Rack
  • I layered my black turtle neck from Uniqlo (heat tech) with a black sweater that I purchased from Zara in Paris.
  • My cap is from NIKE, another all black piece
  • oh and my nails matching my outfit was totally unplanned. lol

Hope you enjoyed this post!

until next time,

Peace. Love. Style.


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