|| My last post of 2016 ||

|| My last post of 2016 ||

Wow! 2016 will be long gone in just a few hours.

After doing some reflecting over the year, I can honestly say 2016 was a rough one for me. It was indeed very challenging. I had challenges at work, home, with family… Oh, you thought otherwise?

I never said things were horrible or bad or hell… I said Challenging; As is all walks of life.

In order for us as humans to be great, we need the hard times, the rough patches, the challenges. But those are the parts of life that people rarely see. One thing I must say is that social media has definitely given people a falsified perspective on life. Life is not meant to be perfect, relationships aren’t meant to be perfect and well put together, friendships, family-ships, job-ships are NOT meant to be perfect.

If life was designed in perfection then appreciation of life would be non-existent, in my opinion.

All my life I have taken the good with the bad. There were times when I felt as though things in my life weren’t fair because of all the hard work I was putting into things and comparing my life to someone else’s saying, “Damn that was easy for them”. But again, I don’t see their trials and they don’t see mine.

Overall, we may ALL be human, but we aren’t all on the same path of life. We don’t all have the same dreams, aspirations and for some maybe no aspirations at all.

The older I get, the more enlightened I become. I make it a priority to grow in wisdom and knowledge. I have an understanding that my life is my life, no one else’s and when I come across trials and tribulations I ask myself, “What lesson is being taught here?, what do I need to learn?”. I practice changing the way I think about things.

“When you change the way you think, you can change the way you feel”.

I live by that quote because the mind is a powerful thing.

Comparing your walk of human experience to someone else’s will only keep you stagnant and slow you down from living out YOUR life’s purpose, whatever it may be.

Stay passionate about life. Remain focused on you and those things and people that uplift your soul and pour positivity into your life. Life is precious and the greatest gift in life is Love. I have just that. love shows itself in all forms through relationships, family, and friendships.

I have no intention of a New Year resolution, but I have all intentions of continuing to live my life to the fullest in 2017.

Staying focused on loving myself, my family, my love for fashion, my career in teaching, my spiritual journey while having this human experience, and being the BEST I can be at whatever it is my heart desires.

I am focused on ME, my happiness, and peace of mind and I will continue to remain focused.

IAmMyOwnStyle is definitely my vision of life in a nutshell. I Am my own LifeSTYLE, I live MY own way of LIFE and I do everything out of LOVE and good intentions. I will continue to take the good with the bad and appreciate every moment I have to take a breath. I believe that everyone are their own styles, should live their own styles of life and do everything with love and good intention. Be You and appreciate you.

For many, finding your own identity can be hard or scary, but it is necessary to embrace yourself and whom YOU are designed to be in life because only then will you find freedom and true happiness. You must love yourself FIRST.

In 2017, I want to continue being an inspiration to others just by loving me and continue to encourage others to find themselves and love themselves as well.

OUTFIT Details: Distressed Jean Shirt: Topshop

                Metallic Sandals: Zara

I send blessings of love and peace to you all and I will see you in 2017 *wink*!

Peace. Love. Style.


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