Purple Rain

Purple Rain

Hey there! 👋🏾

Did you guys miss me? I’ve been occupied with some major changes in my life, Awesome ones of course. It has been a bit challenging to focus on all I have going on. Nonetheless, CHANGE IS GREAT! 🙌🏾

Today on the blog I bring to you, Purple Rain.

After being featured on IG: @BlacksWhoBlog, I decided that “Purple Rain” would be perfect for a post title. And let’s not forget the recent loss of another legend, Prince. imagePrince embodied what it meant to be YOUR-OWN-STYLE, #LifeSTYLE. From his music to his fashion sense, he was an Icon. He was definitely a unique artist and never changed who he was. Rest in Peace Prince. 🙏🏽🕊

On a happier note, this outfit was worn for a friends Birthday Celebration at “Painting with a Twist” in Scarsdale, Ny and boooyyyy was it Fun!


Painting that day brought back so many memories of how therapeutic it was for me. And I’m considering reawakening my painting skills when time allows. But for now, another session of painting and sipping will suffice. I may even plan a private event myself… 🤔


However, my outfit was adorbs and very comfy. Gray-ish with Purple accents. Below are more details and pics on my Threads for that day..



Peplum Top: H&M
Culottes (Bottoms): H&M

Top and bottom were sold separately not as an outfit, but I paired the two myself and loved it.

Rings: H&M
Specs: Cazal Legend (Prescripted Transitional Lens) 🙌🏾✨ My Favorite Shades/Glasses wear

My fancy Violet caged shoes were purchased at MACYs. I tried them on and they were soooo Comfortable and once a nice pair of shoes are comfortable… It was a Hands Down Purchase! Lol Not a second thought about it.
Shoe Brand: INC

My lipstick was a Mac Lippie “Heroine”.  I lined it with a black-Brown liner and blended it to give my lips an ombré look.

Bag: American Apparel

When you look good, you feel good 😝 #FACT

Gray Cheetah Print wool coat : H&M


Until Next Time,

Peace ✌🏾. Love❤. Style😎

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