“In all that you do and in all that you hope to do, Bring It. Put your BEST foot forward, step over and stomp on all your fears! PUSH THRU all negative thoughts about failure and BRING IT!. Do all that your heart and soul desires. Listen to that inner voice inside of you and TRUST yourself!” – Me

I had the ultimate pep talk with myself! You know those talks, where you’re actually responding to yourself? Yes, one of those and toward the ending of that talk, I said “SELF!, Push Thru and Bring it!”

Honestly, the best encouragement I ever get is when I encourage myself because as human beings, we tend to be our worst enemies and toughest critics. But this time, NOT TODAY!  My pep talk was so BOMB, I had to share it with all of you. Too many times we get caught up with “reality” and it begins to slow us down. Our Dreams and Desires begin to fall by the waist side, but today I come to tell you to LET GO and Push THRU those doubts and BRING IT!

We all only live once, but ask yourself if you want to live this one life with regrets of not going after what you want in life? Do you want to live with those thoughts of what if’s? What If I would have done X, Y and Z? would I have fulfilled my life’s purpose or even enjoyed more of my life?

I don’t want to live like that. I don’t want to live with regrets of not doing what that awesome voice inside me is yearning and screaming to do. I want to follow the angels guiding me through my human experience and LIVE while I’m here Living. I encourage you to do the same.

When you wake up and see the sunrise that is another chance for you to go after your hearts desires, so do just that. Im telling you… take it from me, you will feel much better taking that big leap instead of sitting in a dark corner hesitant because fear has you procrastinating. I KNOW! I’ve been there.

For many of you who also follow me on instagram ( if you don’t… click this link > IAmMyOwnStyle and hit that follow button :)), you know that I have started my Youtube channel (GO THERE >>>> My Channel <<<<< SUPPORT YOUR GURL and Subscribe).

This is Proof that I’ve decided to practice what I preach and I’m Bringing IT! I refuse to wait for anyones approval or to talk me out of doing what I love and the way I love to do it. I’m took that leap and i’m doing all that my artistic and creative self is telling me to. Taking things to another level in my life and appreciating the gifts and talents I’ve been blessed with and you should too!

Last but definitely not least, I began my loc journey… FINALLY! (When I say finally that mean I have PUSHED THRU, lol) All of my close friends an family know that I have been wanting to begin this journey years, even before I went natural in 2009. I told my self when I turned 30 thats when i’d do it. Guess what? I let 30 pass me by because of F-E-A-R! So one day, while at work I said F-it, I called my natural hair salon (naturalsistersalon) and scheduled an appointment for that afternoon. Here I am now… a week and 1 day into my loc journey and I have no regrets.

Just so ya know, I will be documenting my Loc Journey on my YouTube channel, I’ll be bringing you style videos and much much more.

Just know, I am unpredictable and I will forever do whatever my intuition leads me to do. So be prepared for me to continuously “BRING IT Hunny!”

Details on this FIT Below…

Boots: London Trash

Faux Fur: Topshop

Accessories: H&M

Hat: Nordstrom

Pants: H&M

Turtle Neck: H&M

MAC Lippie: “SIN”

All black outfit makes the forest green pop! I’m wearing my emotions in this Fit. Feeling lovely and cold at the same Damn time lol!

LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you for ALL your love and SUPPORT.

Peace. Love. Style.



  1. March 14, 2017 / 1:38 pm

    Great read! I knew from the moment I made eye contact with you, that your light was fierce. You just needed to feel your fire. You inspire me to push through and work on my passions and I will! Looking forward to getting to more about you! Peace Queen

    • IAmMyOwnStyle
      March 14, 2017 / 10:10 pm

      Thank you Julie! You have always been a great support! Your words mean so much! I am proud of you as well. Can’t wait to see more from your blog as well. xoxo Peace. Love. LifeStyle.

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