She’s 11 now …

She’s 11 now …

This thing called Motherhood…

My Baby Girl Turned 11 on September 25th. The BIG 1-1 and you know what, I wasn’t as emotional as I thought I would have been. img_0066

Last year for her 10th birthday, I planned a surprise trip to Florida because all she wanted to do was hang out with her cousins who lived there. It wasn’t her very first time on a plane, but her first year as a double digit youngster.

She was in for a huge surprise in Florida. She didn’t know that the next day was her surprise pool party. We had a Photo Booth, candy machines, popcorn machines, blow up floats and more. We celebrated from the sun up until the sunset. All I wanted was for my baby girl to be happy on her big (milestone) day and keep a smile on her face. Oh, did I add before we made it back to NY, my mom and I took her on a shopping spree. She Enjoyed every bit of her weekend trip full of surprises.

This year Chloè didn’t ask for much. She only asked to go to Ripley’s believe it or not in Times Square (she loves Times Square) and have dinner with me and a special friend from school.

We started the day off with some shopping for her bday outfit, then a mini shoot. She always acts shy, but that girl is not shy AT ALL.





After, we went downtown to Ripleys believe it or not. Chloè and her friend Nia enjoyed the wonders of women with beards, a train made of over 2,000 match sticks, a lazer beam game that they decided to play over 8 times because there was no one else waiting in line (lol) and more interesting things.

After that, we went to BBQ’s (Chloe’s choice) for a texas size meal. img_0098I was happy.

I couldn’t wait to order myself a Patron Margarita, lol. Don’t Judge me, I drink. The waiters and waitresses also sang a custom happy birthday song and gave her a cupcake as well, Chloè was fake embarrassed because it was unexpected, lol.img_0004
Before heading home, I took the girls to get Cold Stone for some delicious dessert.

By the end of the night chloè was worn out and on the drive home she fell asleep.
For some, this day may not have been much, but it was what baby girl wanted.

In life, the simple things matter the most and as I celebrate my daughter, I am also celebrating myself. All of her accomplishments and activities she’s apart of, excelling in school and carrying herself as an 11 year old should, how much she’s grown, how well she speaks, were all things that I reflected on over the course of the day. I must say I am proud. Proud of My baby and Myself. We are Blessed. Motherhood isn’t easy, but I love it and I love my baby girl. I have so many wonderful memories, pictures, Videos and all, that I can share with her in future years or share with you all for an occasional Throwback Thursday #tbt and such, hehe.

Down below are more pics from her special day and outfit deets.

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Chloe Fit:
H&M : Fuzzy Cardigan
H&M : Sequin Dress
H&M : Leopard Socks
Gap : Double Velcro strapped sneakers

My Fit:
Mandee : Off the shoulder crop top
American Apparel: Peach maxi skirt
H&M : Snake skins sneakers (Wore them for comfort)
ALDO : Strapped Block heeled Sandals


What do you think about our threads and chloè’ choice of activities for the day?

Until next Time,

Peace. Love. Style.



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  1. Selena
    November 12, 2016 / 11:17 am

    You did that cuz love you

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