Velvety Blue Boots

Velvety Blue Boots

This post right here is for all my ladies who have a hard time finding thigh high shoes/boots to fit your thighs.
Ugh, it’s such a headache for me to the point where I try to avoid ordering any type of thigh high boot online. Sighs, but I’m guilty. I took one last chance and ordered these beauties.img_0067

Come on admit it they are beautiful; Says the lady that has two full closets of shoes, shoes under her bed and in her daughter’s closet (lol). Listen, I really didn’t think that they would fit around my slender thighs as good as they did. They weren’t forced or tight and they’re so velvety and so silky smooth (insert dreamy face here).img_0068

The day I received them in the mail, I rushed to try them on. As I slipped on those bad boys, I was praying. Praying that these jammies would stay up and fit the way I needed them to. They are already a slouchy shoe because of the material, so I was afraid it wouldn’t sit right on my thigh, but Girls, I had no problem at all. πŸ™‚img_0048


The Universe was on my side this time. I order these shoes from Public Desire. It wasn’t my first purchase either. My first purchase was my peeptoe clear/plastic booties, Amazzzzzz-iiinnnggg shoe. One of my summer faves.

Anyway, beacause they fit so well I could not wait to wear them. I think they were in my possession for 2 days and I wore them on the third, ha ha. Thirsty much? lol Yaasssss Hunni. My girls wanted to go to brunch that sunday and I was like Yes!, here’s my opportunity to break theses babies in.


Another reason I love this shoe is the heel. It’s Metallic and a blocked heel. Now, I’m not one to wear heels under 3.5 inches, but i had to give these babies a chance and it all worked out.



tell me what you think πŸ™‚ …

Noticed anything different?

Yasss, this hair was slayed by my natural hair stylist Egypt at Natural sisters Hair Salon in Harlem, New York. He cut, colored, treated and silk pressed my hair. You like? this is without bleach. I was scared to bleach my hair, but i’m thinking about doing a more vibrant Red. A “WOW” red, which may require bleach. What do you think?



Enjoy more pics and details about my threads below.


Leather : Forever 21
Oversized side split shirt : Mandee
Royal Blue velvet (Metallic heel) Thigh Highs: Public Desire
I am definitely a #PDBae (Public Desire Bae)


Hope you enjoyed this post.
Peace. Love. Style.


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