“Youz a Character!”

“Youz a Character!”

Zzzzzaaaammmnn Nita, back at it again with a new fiiiiiiiiittttt! Back like I never left. Back with another simple, fun fit that I enjoyed wearing for my “Sunday fun-day”.


“Youz a character!” … when was the last time you heard someone say that? For those who don’t know what it means, “Youz a Character” is slang for you are funny, silly, hilarious or just a simply looney like the characters on the shirt I wore that day.

IMG_4457Sooooo, you thought it was a dress, huh? haha, you and all the others that thought the same, were sadly mistaken.IMG_4421








This is an oversized shirt from H&M Men’s wear. I paired it with some red single soled heels from lolashoetique and a red Blazer from H&M as well. As I mentioned in a previous post, I love Men’s clothing and fashion so much so, that I wear it myself.


And Yes, I wore shorts underneath (lol). IMG_4596

This oversized shirt has our famous looney tune characters on it: Bugs bunny, Daffy duck, Sylvester the cat, Tasmanian devil and Tweety bird. I grew up on these cartoon’s and which made it even more relevant for me to throw this on! *Shimes*


I stood out wearing this shirt, which is always my intentions. Be Bold, Be You and Stand Out!

I remember going into H&M that day, just for a little peek; I was early for my brunch reservations and over heard a young lady say, “Is that an outfit?, why would she wear that?”.  I simply turned, smiled and continued looking through the clothes racks.

That is just the response I love to get. It meant, I caught her attention with a piece of clothing (lol). Whether negative or positive reactions… It’s My style and it’s MY WAY of doing things.IMG_4375

I do not conform to the style and ideas of others. I do what feels right to me and so should you when expressing yourself through your clothing. IMG_4561

What do you all think? Would you wear this fit?IMG_4422












Gentleman, would you allow your lady to wear your clothing if you knew she’d rock it lovely? or nah? lol

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Below are more pics of #WhatIWore




Hope you enjoyed this post! 🙂



Until Next time,

Peace. Love. Style.




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